Opening Hours For Free-admission

Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00-17:00 (no admission after 16:30); Monday Break (except legal holidays)

Complaint Tel:

• Visit/Consulting TEL:0551-63736658

• Narrator guide reservation TEL:0551-63736658

• Narrator guide reservation TEL for Anhui Noble Persons Exhibition:



The old site: No. 268, Anqing Road, Hefei, Anhui Province.

Tips: From March 16, 2016, The exhibition building of the old site in Sanxiaokou was closed due to repair construction. The opening time will be notified later.

Now the exhibitions in the old site are Anhui Noble Persons Exhibition, Red Flag Exhibition. Mosaic Invitation Nationwide Tour ExhibitionThe Spirit of Craftsman behind cultural relics also have opened recently.

The new site: No. 87, Huaining Road, Hefei, Anhui Province (500 meters south from the Swan Lake).

Guided tour in the new sideMore

1)Audio Guide Rent: RMB 30/unit; Deposit: RMB 100/unit Certificate is needed.

2)Narrator guide service RMB 100/hour.

3)Wireless Guide System: It can be used for free with narrator guide service, the deposit is RMB 200/unit.

4)Group visits: To ensure the service quality, a group should have no more than 30 peoplewill be advised to divide into 2 groups in case of over 30.

Getting here

The old site:

Take subway line 2 to Museum Station.

Take bus No.30,97,99,114,126,127,133,136,138,162 or 525 to the Chenghuangmiao Station,then walk south to the Anqing Road, turn west to Anhui Museum;

Take bus No.17,122,126,133,162 or 709 to the Sanxiaokou Stationthen walk 100 meters north to Anhui Museum;

The new site: Take bus No. 13 to the Qihuailukou Stationwalk 500 meters south to the Anhui Museum;

Take bus No. 129 to the Hefei Sports Center Stationwalk 600 meters north to the Anhui Museum;

Take bus No. 166, 20, 128 to Pingtang Station(Feicui Road) then walk 500 meters east to Anhui Museum.

Facilities and Accessibility

1)Service Facilities Disabled accesseselevators are provided.

2)Wheelchairsbaby strollers can be rented for free; medical boxthe LostFound are available.

3)Some of the museum services are charged according to the relevant regulations of the Price-control Administration including temporary tour guide,bookssouvenirs.

Notice to Visitors

1. The Anhui Museum is open to the public all the year round. Visitors can arrange their time more appropriately to avoid the crowd in holidays.

2. Please take your certificates (National ID card/ Driving license/ Military ID/ ID card for disabled person/ Social security card/ Passport/ Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong Macao Taiwan Residents) to visit Anhui Museum for free.

3.Dangerous goods such as inflammableexplosive items, controlled mechanical appliances are prohibited to take inside the museumvisitors should go through safety check before entry.

4. To ensure the safety of the cultural relicsmaintain orderly environment, the Anhui Museum adopts limitedorderly control on visitor volumes. The daily visitors are limited to 10000 people, including 3600 visitors with reservation.

5. Group visitors can make reservation in advance by log in website (within reservation quota). They can enter the museum through group entry after confirmation with the museum staff.

6. The special exhibitions introduced by the museum will charge accordingly based on the provisions of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

7. The museum will publicize in advance the notice of temporary closing for special events or necessary maintenance of facilities.

8. Please follow the instructions of the museum staff in case of emergencies.

9. For other matters, please consult the museum staffthey will behave according to related provisions.

10. The Anhui Museum reserves the right for explanation of the above rules.

11. To ensure the safety of the cultural relicscivilized environment, visitors are expected to observe the following rules consciously:

> Please be appropriately dressed.

> No merchandising or advertisement distribution inside the museum.

> No pets into the museum.

> No psychopaths into the museum (patients with mild symptoms should be accompanied by guardians).

> No heavy drinkers into the museum.

> Preschool childrenpupils should be accompanied by their guardians. Senior citizens, cardiovascular patientsdisabled people should be accompanied by relativesshould observe relevant rules for the sake of safety. Otherwise, they should be responsible for their own actions.

> Please check the carry-on baggage prior to your tourvaluables should be kept by yourself.

> No food or beverage into the galleries.

> No smoking or flame in the museum.

> No touch on exposed exhibits. Beware of the glassbe careful. Please don’t climb or squash glass fencesescalators. Please don’t squash glass cabinet for fear of glass fracture, resulting in collection damagephysical injury.

> No loud voice in the galleries.

> Only pencils may be used in the galleries.

> No photos in the galleries. Photography tripod, largemedium-sized specialized video camerasother photography devices cannot be taken into the museum.

In order to provide better visit experience to the visitors, we offer various kinds of guides including narrator guide, audio guide pensmart guide APP. Please choose appropriate service according to the charge. The charge standardsadministration regulations are as follow.

一、Professional narrator guide

(一)Free narrator guide

In order to spread the meaning of our collections, we arrange professional narrator guide to offer guide service during weekends, the arrangements are as follow.



Exhibition   Hall



Anhui   Civilization History Exhibition


Huizhou   Ancient Architecture


Four   Treasures of the Study in Anhui



Anhui   Civilization History Exhibition


Huizhou   Ancient Architecture


Four   Treasures of the Study in Anhui

Please wait in advance at the enter of exhibition hall according to guide timeyour interests.

(Free narrator guide for holidaysother temporary exhibitions will be notified on our website, please check in advance.)

(二)Narrator guide


Please reserve narrator guide in museum hall or by phone


Reservation TEL: 0551-63736658

2、 Reservation venue

Service center south from the entry

3Charge standard

 Chinese RMB 100/hour

English RMB 200/hour

(You can pay by cash, WechatAlipay, we offer invoice.)

4Team narrator guide system

In order to guarantee the quality of narrator guide, visit team less than 20 people can rent bluetooth guide. The deposit is RMB 500/unit, the rent is RMB 5/time/set. Vaild ID is needed.

Please keep the machines safely during visit. Compensation should be made according to price if the machines are damaged or lost.

二、 Volunteer narrator guide

Volunteers offer free narrator guide service during opening days. Due to the flexibility of arrangement, please make an appointment with volunteer or check the volunteer service notice board in the hallwait in advance at the entry of exhibition hall.

三、 Audio guide pen

We offer audio guide pen rent with two languages (ChineseEnglish)


 Service center south from the entry

2Charge standard

Rent: RMB 30/unit, Deposit: RMB 200/unit

3How to rent

Please take your vaild IDpay the rent at Service center.

4Available exhibitions

《Anhui Civilization History Exhibition》, 《Huizhou Ancient Architecture》,《Four Treasures of the Study in Anhui》,《Anhui Treasures Exhibition》


Please return the Audio guide pen before 16:00take back your deposit.

Please keep the machines safely during visit. Compensation should be made according to price if the machines are damaged or lost.

四、Smart guide APP

Smart guide APP of Anhui Museum provide tour guide with two languages (ChineseEnglish), you can scan QR codelisten to the guide.

Scan QR codeinstall Smart guide App of iosand Android system.


1 Click me at lower right to log in

You can log in by Wechat, Alipaycellphone number. (We recommend WechatAlipay.)

2Click change museum at upper rightlocate Anhui Museum

3、 Click lower middle guide to choose how to listen to the guide

You may click exhibition hall guide to listen to the guide

You may also get a Smart guide APP Index at Service Center. Enter the number of cultural relics or scan their OR codes to listen to the guide.

Scan any QR code on the Smart guide APP Index. (if it is too dark to scan, please enter the number.) When you see the cultural relic, please choose pay by Wechat or Alipay, RMB 20 for the tour guide of all the cultural relics, vaild within 48 hours.

Click looping to walksee!

Your private tour guide


(1) Please charge your phone before usetake the earphones

(2)The term of validity is 48 hour, please pay after entering the museum.

(3)The internet is needed during use, you have to pay for the data. Please scan the QR code below to follow the wechat accountreceive 100M nationwide data (only for CMCC users)


(4)Please enquire at the Service center if you have any questions.