Pan Yuliang’s Paintings

Pan Yuliang (1895-1977), a famous Chinese female painter and sculptor. In 1921, she obtained official fees and went to France to study abroad. She successively entered Institute Franco-Chinois de Lyon and the National Academy of Arts, and studied with Xu beihong. In 1923, she entered école nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris. Pan Yuliang's works were exhibited at the Rome Arts Exhibition, and won the art prize from Italian government. In 1929, after return to China, Pan Yuliang served as the director of Western Painting Department in Shanghai Art Academy and Shanghai Art University, and later served as professor of Art Department in National Central University. In 1937, she lived in Paris and served as the president of the Chinese Art Association in Paris. She participated in Chinese art exhibitions of France, Britain, Germany, Japan and Switzerland for many times. She used to sculpture for Zhang Daqian and Wang Jiyuan and other celebrities. Ms. Pan was the first eastern person who entered the Italy Roma Royal Academy of Arts.